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Published on March 15th, 2017 | by Tyler Hallows


5 amazing bands to check out in Reading in the next month

In recent years Reading has become a haven for catching new bands on the cusp of success and seasoned touring acts that have already won over hearts across the country. Heavy Pop, Reading based promoters, are only making this better, bringing in some of the best bands from across the county to play.

Here are some of the incredible new bands that are blowing away audiences around the country, who will also be playing in Reading soon!

1. Otherkin

Hailing from Ireland, Otherkin are already turning heads with their electric live shows and insane crowd reaction. Having already played in Reading in the past to fevered responses, most notably at Reading Festival, which saw mosh pits galore, they return to Purple Turtle for their first headline show in the town.

It is sure to be a sweaty one, with dancing and singing sure to happen to songs like ‘Ay Ay’ and ‘I Was Born’, catch them now, because they won’t be playing venues this small for much longer!

Otherkin play Purple Turtle on 18th March. Free!

2. Black Honey

Last year saw Black Honey performing to a loving response at Reading’s very own ‘Are You Listening Festival’, and now they’re back for a headline show. With audiences growing rapidly over the past couple of years and the tunes to back it, there’s no surprise that Black Honey are one of the UK’s most exciting bands at the moment.

Songs like ‘Madonna’, ‘Hello Today’ and ‘Bloodlust’ will all go down a storm at this show, and excitement for the Brighton band’s show in Reading is already high.

Black Honey play Face Bar on 2nd April.

3. The Wytches

2016 saw the release of their second album ‘All Your Happy Life’, and now The Wytches are heading out to tour in support of the album. Combining punk rock sensibilities with undertones of surf rock, The Wytches blend this together into an intense live show that no other band comes close to.

Their last show at Face Bar had more than enough sweat lining the room, and at one point saw a mosh pit open up as big as the room. The likes of ‘C-Side’ and ‘Gravedweller’ are sure to set those pits off again. This is not one to miss!

The Wytches play Face Bar on 6th April.

4. The Amazons

Our own hometown heroes! What more is there to be said about The Amazons that hasn’t already been said? They’ve consistently brought an incredible show every time they’ve played here in Reading. Many of you will have seen them from their first shows at Rising Sun Arts to Oakford Social Club and now to the biggest club in town, Sub89.

It’s a monumental feat the Amazons have achieved, and we’re all super proud of the boys. It’s sure to be packed out that night, as the riffs to ‘Little Something’ are already making us excited.

The Amazons play Sub89 on 13th April.

5. Palace

Leaving everyone speechless at last years headline set at Are You Listening Festival, Palace are back with their debut album ‘So Long Forever’, reverberated guitars and song-writing perfection are the centrepieces to Palace’s music. ‘Bitter’, ‘So Long Forever’ and ‘Blackheath’ were standouts from their debut album, and it’s safe to say people are excited for their show at the much beloved South Street Arts Centre.

It’s also worth mentioning that supporting is Willie J. Healy who is currently kicking up a storm with his fantastic EP’s, well worth the ticket price alone!

Palace play South Street Arts Centre on 26th April.

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