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Published on January 13th, 2016 | by Luke Hardy


Interactive map reveals demographics of Reading neighbourhoods

A new interactive map claims to reveal hidden demographics and information about neighbourhoods across Reading.

The map, created by the Consumer Data Research Centre, uses information from various surveys and census data to reveal the characteristics of communities and streets throughout the UK.

The tool reveals the differences between Reading and other parts of the UK. Reading is mostly dominated by ‘Cosmopolitans’ and ‘Multicultural Metropolitans’ while Wokingham has an abundance of ‘Urbanites’ and ‘Suburbanites’. Bracknell is more mixed in terms of demographics with a higher level of ‘Constrained City Dwellers’.

Additionally, the interactive map highlights the differences between different areas of Reading. For example, residents in Tilehurst are least likely to use the Internet and that the most popular method of transport to work in Reading is by car except for those in the town centre who are more likely to use the train or walk.

Try out the map below, or alternatively, visit this link to the CDRC website.

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