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Published on July 21st, 2015 | by Niall Norbury


Review: The Me Show

The Me Show was not what I expected. I had only seen the poster and a brief summary and I went in anticipating a show looking at social media, selfies and so forth. Instead, I discovered an incredible production that looks into political dissent and revolutionaries.

There are three settings in The Me Show: the main action focusing on a couple who start a revolution by digging in a field. They begin alone but soon attract the attention of other like-minded families as well as a disgruntled landowner who wants to put a stop to their growing commune.

Their story is interwoven with a monologue told over a Twitter feed of modern-day dissenters such as Edward Snowden, and the confession of a government whistle-blower currently in prison.

The Me Show explores the mindset of those who choose to follow a moral code or ideology with full awareness that it will only bring them ruin. It is a fascinating insight into modern-day whiste-blowers or political dissenters who speak out against their government or country knowing it means prison, exile or death.

Although it is a commentary on modern society, it is hard to pinpoint The Me Show at any period in time. The characters use outdated slang and refer to figures such as ‘the squire’, but at the same time they refer to modern day technology. It ends up closer in style to a fairytale than to political satire.

Multi Story should be commended for their willingness to pull apart characters and themes where most other shows would not. Halfway through the production, you begin to question whether the revoluntaries are creating a more free society, or whether they have just found a new way to limit and control people.

Both actors give fantastic performances. Bill Buffery’s ornate and lavish physicality fits perfectly into the fairytale atmosphere. However, Gill Nathanson’s lead performance is incredible as she switches between the hero and villain of the play effortlessly.

Multi Story Theatre have created an incredibly intelligent and clever political satire in The Me Show, whose power gradually overcomes the audience as the play progresses.


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